The Festival

 February 21-23, 2019, on the campus of Georgia Southern University.



When John and I started Root Signals back in 2014, it was with the intention of offering a different kind of electronic music festival; one that was curated to present pieces that didn’t fit the mold of the other EA festivals. We wanted something different, we wanted to BE something different. We wanted a more experimental environment, and one where composers could come to present more than one piece. A place where composers could try out something risky, something different, something genre bending, something unusual, something…………else.

So for this year’s Root Signals and beyond, we are changing the game. Instead of a big call, we are inviting composers to attend. Instead of having 12 concerts, we’ll have 6 or 7. Instead of one piece per composer, we’ll have 25 minute slots for everyone to do 1, 2, 3, or 4 pieces instead. The only requirement: that you do something that you wouldn’t normally submit to a traditional conference/festival: that you do something risky, genre-bending unusual, different.

We are excited about the possibilities for what this could become. We invite you to take the leap with us, to try, to experiment, to grow, to go back to the “experimental” aspect of our field and work together to push each other in new and interesting ways.